The Introduction to Xuzhou No.2 Middle School

Xuzhou No.2 Middle School was first founded as Xuzhou Prefectural School in the second year under Emperor Hongwu’s reign in Ming Dynasty (AD 1369). In Qing Dynasty, it once functioned as Xuzhou Academy. Then in the period of the Republic of China, it was a normal institute and latter became Tongshan Middle School. After the liberation of Xuzhou in December 1948, it was renamed as Xuzhou No.2 Middle School. It has been running 645 years continuously on the same site.


Xuzhou No.2 Middle School is Located at the city center. At present, the students are divided into three grades with 36 classes, and each grade has 12 classes. In 1997, the school was set as the Key Point School in Jiangsu Province. According to the requirement and policy of the educational department, the school is now aimed at becoming a modernized demonstrative school with high quality. In 2004the school was name as Three-Star Senior High School in Jiangsu Province. For the time being, the school has already become one of the first class schools in Xuzhou. We have won many honors, namely, Civil Department in Jiangsu Province, Advanced Moral Education School in Jiangsu Province, Advanced Amateur Sports Group in Jiangsu Province, Demonstrative Parents School in both in Jiangsu Province and nationwide and Health Promotion School in Jiangsu Province.


After years of hardworking and practice, we have cultivated the concept of centering on the development of students, training the students’ lifelong development ability and humanistic qualities of a good citizen. Aiming at nurturing all-rounded developed students as well as teachers and winning the trust of the society, we have formed the management concept that ‘nourishing students with school culture, requiring students with school regulations, and warming students with humane care’. Meanwhile, we further improved the system in which the teachers and the students can develop together. The new growth point of the system construction has already been shaped. The reform of the basic educational class was put forward thoroughly. Comprehensive practice activity, research study and the comprehensive quality evaluation have gained outstanding progress. In recent years, the number of students who passed the College Entrance Examination kept the first three among the high schools in our city. Symbolized by the school culture, supported by the moral education credits, centered by the two teams (the teaching planning group and the class teachers), the education characteristic of our school has been formed preliminarily. Further reform has promoted the construction of the two teams, mobilized the enthusiasm of the staff and improved the teaching condition.


Xuzhou No.2 Middle School has distinctive characteristics for a long time. In 2006, we founded a Go Chess Featured School successfully. At the same time, we made Go Chess teaching as our school-based curriculum, which further promoted the development of the Go Chess activity in our school and influenced the local people widely.


In 2003, our school became the teaching base of the Institute of Foreign Languages in Xuzhou Normal University. We have carried out a special English teaching program and improved our teaching gradually into a practical and interesting open class with small size. The weekly school English corner and school English festival once in a term as well as various English activities not only motivate the student’s interest in English learning, but also improve their English level.


The students’ comprehensive quality evaluation based on their moral education credits is the self-educating characteristic in our school, which joins our regular school management, students’ self-educating and the parents’ supervision together. Taking the opportunity of ‘The Unforgettable Educational Activities’ and seizing the key link of high school life, we carry out many exciting and unforgettable activities in the three years of the students’ school experience, which will influence their growth process profoundly.


Our school is constructed at the school culture corridor with the unique Confucius Culture and the landscape of Confucius Temple. The school is a marvelous learning place which combines the ancient Confucianism and modern teaching concept. From the couplet on the front gate praising the lofty behavior and foresight of Confucius to the Dacheng Gate and the Dacheng Hall, there are many famous aphorisms along with the five constant virtues (benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity) on the arch of the side walls. All these famous sayings form a profound Confucius atmosphere, which nurtures the students and the teachers in the school silently.